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5lbs in 5 days Juice Plan

5lbs in 5 days Jason ValeSo I decided to give myself a challenge. Jason Vale is one of the best experts in the field of juicing so he was my first point of call. His app was good value, easy to follow and really informative. I’m not here to promote his program but to share my experience whilst working my way through one of these programmes, I’m sure there are others around, but this one seemed really on the ball for me.

So WHY? Well for the last couple of years I have been on a rollercoaster of a ride with having a baby, starting a company and most recently attaining a fixed abode for our business. Its been wonderful, but not lacking in illness, stresses as well as all those pollutants we can’t do much about, most of it was showing its ugly head in my digestive system and its efficiency. So my main reason was to draw a line under all of that and start building up from scratch.

Now I have, what I consider to be, a pretty healthy diet. I do most of the processing myself and 99% cook from fresh. Biscuim calls me the kitchen scientist. But what I was about to find out, that there was still LOADS of room for improvement.

DAY #1

I felt great! super motivated from the daily videos in the app and knew that this was going to be a good thing. I was full of energy, felt lighter than I had for days and thought….. This is going to be a breeze…. ha! It took a bit of time with my preparation, I decided to do all of my juices in one hit and store the others in the fridge. Saved LOADS of time.

DAY 2#

I woke up HUNGRY, but still super motivated. I had a headache, but I was expecting that… but other than that I thought wow I might actually get away likely… ha!

DAY #3

I woke up REALLY HUNGRY, grumpy and climbing the walls… I continually told myself its ok, this is part of the withdrawal, plus if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Each day had four juices, two different types. They are ALL delicious. Mostly veggies too, so I knew I was getting lots of amazing things into my body and giving my over worked digestive system a much needed rest.

DAY #4

Still climbing the walls! Jason reassured me in his videos that I should be flying by now. Ha! wasn’t quite flying, I still had a headache and some sicky signals from my belly…. hmmmm how could that be. Hang on, check my diary. oh! its not the juice. Phew, lets crack on then. By now I was used to the prep and clean up and was able to get it all done in speedy time. Plus I had no lunch or dinner prep either, so saved loads of time in the day.

DAY #5

This was the last day, you know what I had got myself into a nice routine with my juicing machine and today I did in fact feel great! The hunger pangs where still there and I really miss chewing! but! I was HERE and I felt great. Maybe slightly as I knew it was coming to an end…


I have lost, so far, almost 3 kilos in weight, of course some could be water, but who cares… I feel lighter, a nice flat stomach and now have a great list of AMAZING juice recipes that I can have at any time. I can TASTE food again. Avocados are blooming AMAZING. I have no cravings… not one, and I loved sweet stuff. I have also gained a higher appreciation for real food! It was already pretty high, but now its through the roof. I have no desire to buy anything that comes in a packet ever again. I had a virus that was lingering, that has scarpered and I feel more alert and focused.

Juicing has always been part of my nutrition, but now I feel I know how it fits better into the day.

I don’t think its something you should plan as such, more if you want to do it, regardless of what day it is, just do it. But ladies it would have been easier planned away from certain times of the month.

Would I recommend it?


Its not for everyone, the hardest parts for me was preparing food for my family, while I got to sit at the dinner table with a big glass of juice. I don’t have a will power of steel and it was REALLY hard at times, but I continued with the pep talks and I got through it. I could imagine if you live alone or without children it would be waaaaaaaaay easier.

Depending on how your nutrition is before would depend on the severity of your withdrawal. I also think how busy you are during the day, if you have a slow day its much harder to keep your focus.

But if you are thinking of doing it, jump in with both feet! stay strong and you will thank yourself for it. Don’t forget WHY you are doing it. It helped for me to write my WHY in my journal and I looked at it each morning.

A round of applause for Jason Vale for creating a well thought out and designed program that works!

It was TOUGH! But I will be doing it again… It feels good and I know next time it will feel even better.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, please get in contact on my facebook page.

Professora Sininha x