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Capoeira Rite BrazilArte Academy Southend

We are often asked what it takes to learn Capoeira?

You can learn the basic techniques and start to learn how to combine movements to make a sequence, its not something you study to take an exam at the end. I was once asked “how long does it take to finish Capoeira?”. There is no end to Capoeira, it’s something that you embody and live. Capoeira is a lifestyle. It is more than just a sport, a martial art. It’s a way to be. It’s present, it’s responding to the now, its teaching your mind and body to adapt to various type of situations in the current moment, much how we live our lives moment to moment.

In trying to capture what it takes to learn capoeira, to live capoeira we created “Capoeira RITE

  • R = Rhythm
  • I = Intensity
  • T = Timing
  • E = Expression

With this in mind RITE helps you to create and develop the building blocks of the basic capoeira movements into the fluid and responsive game that it is.

RHYTHM develops your balance, moving from one movement to the next in a fluid style. RHYTHM keeps you in tune with the Capoeira music. The music is the driving force behind Capoeira. Without music there is no ‘Jogo‘ game.

INTENSITY builds your stamina and develops a game without breaks, enhancing your fluid style. INTENSITY doesn’t mean to be fast, although you can play fast and train fast, INTENSITY is to play/train continuously, regardless of mistakes, or forgotten sequences. When working with INTENSITY it will develop how you react in any situation.

TIMING is essential to creating a Capoeira dialogue during the game. To be able to execute the Capoeira attacks, strikes and takedowns effectively.

EXPRESSION is what makes Capoeira come into its own, it’s what gives each capoeirista their individual style. EXPRESSION is also what disguises the Capoeira movements as a dance. When done well it make a capoeiristas game difficult to read or predict.

When combining these four things, Capoeira RITE, you will, eventually, create a complete and complex Capoeira game.

Professora Sininha x