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Diets don’t work

Its that time of year again, after many have over indulged in the ‘finer’ things in life and we all decide one day that this year is going to be the year that we slim down to fit into those jeans that have been laying dormant in the bottom of the wardrobe for the last 8 years, 8 years of promises that this will be the year.

Diets don’t work!

dietingThere are so many options out there, so many ways to sign up to promises of a quick and easy solution. Do they work? maybe for the short term, its not really a solution though is it. As someone that doesn’t have a very good relationship with food, when I get stressed I eat… the good the bad and the ugly, all of these diets seem to make me obsessed about what I am putting in my mouth, making me think about food every second of every day, creating bad habits and, for me, ultimately getting fatter and fatter.

Its strikes me with the latest trends of ‘Hoverboards” remotes for everything all accessible from an app from your phone, that we have become a very lazy society. So if there is a pill or a machine out there that can make us slim without having to break a sweat we’ll sign up our precious pennies in a blink of an eye.

Technology can be an amazing tool in helping us track our journey, to help us celebrate small victories, so I’m certainly not anti technology, we should though be using it to support our efforts not instead of our efforts.

Nature pretty much has it all mapped out for us, it has provided seasons, sunshine and rain and seeds galore. We have an amazing array of foods at our fingertips and now thanks to supermarkets we can access food from all over the world in almost any season.

For many years I was looking for a solution, to many things, not once did I think about tracking back and looking at the cause. Thats changed, I am looking at the cause and I am making progress. Lets make this clear, healthy living is not about having a juice diet twice a year, its about slow, steady and consistent changes that leads me on my life’s work of healthy living. Some might say, for what? we all have the same outcome in the end. That is true, I plan to get there without pain and disease, or at least try to.

My weight increased 1 kilo over the festive period, thankfully credit to daily movement, its gone again. When I started to move again with that 1 extra kilo it made a BIG difference in how I felt and how my body moved, which in turn changed my mood and how I felt about myself. My work is movement, my hobby is movement, my sanity is movement, so it sits very high on my list of values. That may not even appear in your top 5, thats ok, I’m sure you are giving your heart into what you do value.

I often wonder about our diets, what we eat not what we sign up to eat, if we are looking at it the wrong way. We often think about what we should be giving up. Maybe we should think about what we should be adding in. I aim for 9 portions of vegetables and fruit a day (5 is the recommended, we all know thats a base line figure though right?). I also aim to drink lots of clear fluid a day. Thats a lot of food and liquid to consume, is there any room for the processed convenience foods? Nope not really. Not only do we start to look better when we add more fresh whole foods to our daily diets we also feel amazing! and the feeling usually comes first.


This I believe is the solution. If once or twice a week you plan what you will be eating or at least what you will be purchasing to turn into nutritional delights it will make your life so much easier, in fact I’d go as far to say you’ll be saving time. There are some amazing snack and treat recipes out there, which have amazing health benefits, do you have time to make them? not always no. A banana is a pretty awesome snack and its a complete food, no preparation, only peeling and eating it. So are processed foods easier and quicker?

Supermarkets are clever, their layout is designed to lead your shopping experience and tempt you to buy what they would like to buy. Those with kids will know what a pain it is while your waiting in line to pay and you’re surrounded by sweets! I conducted an experiment by myself once, to look at ALL of the ingredients labels and not to purchase anything which had an ingredient listed which I didn’t recognise. I didn’t buy very much that day!

Each and everyone of us is a beautifully designed, amazingly complex, being. We all have different needs, lifestyles, stresses and demands from the body. Find out what makes you feel good, not the high after eating a sugary treat, I mean really good, satisfied without feeling bloated or over full, content, happy. Eat more of that! We need to tune into those messages from our body. If I eat cheese or something with eggs in it I get a headache within 30 minutes, its not a bad one, one I could work through and after drinking water it doesn’t hang around long, so it could be easily ignored. Don’t ignore those signals. Those signals are telling your what your body doesn’t need. Working this out will lead you to your perfect diet for YOU!

There is no magic pill, each of us has a unique set of demands and its a life’s work figuring out what they are. One thing is for sure adding more whole ‘real’ foods and eliminating all the stuff that comes in packages will be an amazing start! Let you be the processor, let you be the one who decides what goes in to fuel your engine.

We only have one place to live, lets make a pact to look after it as best we can.

Professora Sininha x