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Morning & Evening Routine

There is a lot of talk about routine, why?

Well it simply helps to balance out the start and end of your day, getting your ready for the start again. It helps to set you on the right foot for the day, helping to be more productive, less stressed, happier, more energy, to name but a few. It also helps when you are trying to unwind and send yourself into a restful sleep, which is why we sleep after all, to rest!

There is no set way to set up your routine, we are all different and have different needs and circumstances, but there are some general rules which can help set yourself up. Its also not set in stone, so if your chosen routine is not working that well for you, change it up until you find something that works. It flexible and personal, only you can decide on your routine and only you can make changes to it.

BrazilArte morning routine

5 basic rules for a morning routine:

  1. Wake up earlier than you need to… WHY? I’m sure you are screaming at the screen, it will give you some extra precious time to wake up slowly. If you have had a proper restful sleep you will find that you get up earlier which also give you more time to get stuff done, be it the left over washing up, meditation time, pamper in the bathroom time. Waking up to an alarm is startling, if you give yourself time to just lay and wake up, I guarantee that you will feel fresher. If you are due to get up at 7 am set your alarm for 6 am. Its also a great time to wake up with nature.
  2. Stretch… When we watch cats and dogs wake up from a nap the first thing they ALWAYS do it stretch. In the laying position bring your hand above your head and stretch it out. It feels great! and helps to prepare our body for movement. Don’t forget you have probably been laying down for over 7 hours… as with point 1, wake up slow.
  3. Hold off on looking at your phone, computer, or TV… If the first thing you see in the morning are your stressful work emails or a horrific news story on the TV, it will set you up to carry those negative vibes throughout the day. Hold fire on your gadgets until you have done something to nourish your body.
  4. ReHydrate… You have just spent the last 7 hours without any fluid, so first things first rehydrate yourself. Ideally this would be a glass of room temperature or warm water. It helps to kick start your digestive system getting you ready for breakfast. Water will also assist to all your body functions, if the first thing you drink is coffee or something similar you are already putting demands on your sleepy body functions. Like your mind and muscles, give you inners a chance to wake up.
  5. Do something that makes you feel good… Whether its 30 minutes of yoga, 5 minutes meditation, body brushing, watching the sunrise… do something for YOU! no matter how small, it will aid to a happier you and a happier you will carry those positive vibes with you as you set about your day

BrazilArte evening routine

5 basic rules for an evening routine:

  1. Be in bed by 10pm… well if you are getting up at 6am you’ll need to be in bed for 10pm to get enough restful sleep in to feel good. Don’t forget to set your alarm.
  2. Switch off gadgets an hour before bedtime… This includes; computers, tablets, TV’s mobile phones and any other electronics you may have. All of these screens stimulate your mind and will make it difficult to have a restful sleep if you have been staring at them just before bed time. Turn the lights down lower, switch of all screens, read a book, have a conversation, evening meditation. Allow your mind and body time to switch off and ready for sleep.
  3. Keep gadgets out of the bedroom… Although there has been some testing, we still don’t really have any real results about how all our electronics affect our health on a daily basis. I do know that the day I bought an alarm clock and started leaving my mobile in the living room I started sleeping deeper and uninterrupted sleep. You are also less likely to login to social media, emails etc… first thing in the morning when you wake up.
  4. Write out a to do list for the following day… Whether you are self employed, a busy mum, student… everyone! Writing out tomorrow’s tasks lets us stop thinking about them, or even stressing about them. A busy mind can play havoc with trying to get to sleep, put it on paper and let it go until the morning.
  5. Be grateful… Make a mental list of 3 things which you are grateful for. This is a surefire way of helping you sleep and wake on positive notes.
  6. BONUS… No late eating or drinking…Besides water, you’ll want to avoid eating or drinking much of anything at least two hours before going to sleep. Some say that a glass of red wine is fine, as alcohol is conventionally known as a depressant, but the act of drinking itself can actually act as a stimulant, so you don’t want to drink a glass right before bed.The reason is that if you eat or drink too late in the evening, your body will be up trying to digest the food you’ve just eaten, which can potentially keep you awake longer. Giving your body a few hours to digest dinner and dessert before bed will help you get to sleep faster. Especially avoid anything that can give you short bursts of energy, such as coffee, tea, sodas, fruit, or other desserts.

However you set up your routine, make sure its for YOU!

Professora Sininha x