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Why we need to look after our feet

how to look after your feet


For many people feet are strange. Many don’t like to see them let alone touch and get to know them. But it is so important that we do and that we have regular care routine to look after our feet. WHY?

The sole of your foot has more than 200,000 nerve endings in it. It is literally connected to your whole body and is continuously sending signals to your brain about the surface you are walking on. Those signals help you to balance, react and respond to uneven ground, asking muscles to perform certain tasks to keep yourself upright, or in the case of capoeira with a strong base.

We have become a society that wears footwear for a long period of time every day, for the obvious reason; safety. But there are some amazing benefits as to why we should try to spend more time barefoot. Including during our training sessions, here’s why:

  • Strengthens muscles in our feet and lower legs
  • Improves the range of motion in your feet, ankles and toes
  • Stimulates neural function, important for balance and agility
  • Eliminates heel lift, which improves posture and spinal alignment
  • Allows the feet and body to move in a natural way, which feels AMAZING!

Like Yoga, barefoot running and some dance to name a few, Capoeira is one of those activities where you will benefit to be barefoot. Wearing a layer on your feet will desensitise your experience and in turn affect your balance and control. To be grounded in a movement its important to be able to feel the ground you are on.

Being barefoot for long periods can also have its downsides if you don’t regularly care for your feet:

  • Hard skin
  • Cracks and breaks in the skin
  • Dryness
  • Bruising
  • Blisters

Earthzest OrganicsBut you can help with these by keeping your feet clean, clipping your toe nails, moisturising and drying your feet properly… Plus by being barefoot. We use a fantastic foot cream that works WONDERS especially if your feet need a little extra TLC: EarthZest Organics Shea & Peppermint Foot Balm

Why do we like this product so much? It WORKS! and quickly too. Its 100% certified Organic and has NO added water, plus it smells delicious and will leave your feet feeling amazing. There are lots of products on the market but none of them come close and are often diluted so are not as affective or you need to use twice as much.

Massaging your feet also helps to de-stress, increase circulation and reduce tension in your muscles. Reflexology is a great example of how you can treat other issues around your body from your feet, they are the remote control for the rest of your body. A short foot massage after a bath or shower not only nourishes your feet but also leads to a peaceful night of sleep.

If you didn’t before, time to take a good look at those feet of yours and get them in tip top shape.

Professora Sininha x